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Well, having experienced Windows7 for almost a year, from the Beta Version and Release Candidate (Build 7100), I daresay that Windows7 is the way to go (for PC user that is). It’s good in Beta, it’s even better in RC, and I am pretty sure that it should be even better in retail version (onto […]

Configuration scheme of the Thinkcentre. Configuration scheme of the HP DC7800. As I have written in several previous posts, I installed Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate in three computers that I use most. The Thinkcentre A57 at the office, the HP Business Desktop DC7800 at my house and the late Thinkpad X61, which I (ab)used […]

I have a confidence that Windows7 will fare better than its predecessor, the Windows Vista. I am no geek or techie or something like that. I just use my PC for everyday computing tasks such as typing, youtubing, facebooking, and a little bit of gaming. I can’t prescribe techie’s writing about Windows7. All that I […]

As I have stated previously, I took the plunge by switching my business desktop to Windows7 Release Candidate. (Oh, it’s a brand new Thinkcentre A57 with Core2Quad 2.4 gigz, and 4GB or RAM, by the way). I mean, if I want to seriously beta-testing (or should it be release-candidating?), I should take it to another […]