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Drive the nail aright, boy; Hit it on the head. Strike with all your might, boy; While the iron is red. When you have work to do, boy; Do it with a will. They who reach the top, boy; First must climb the hill. Standing at the foot, boy; Gazing at the sky. How can […]

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1430 H. Semoga amal ibadah kita diterima oleh Allah SWT, dan kesalahan kita diampuni-Nya. Selamat menorehkan cerita-cerita di lembaran yang sama sekali baru. Mohon maaf lahir batin untuk segala kesalahan.

Having googled here and there using Google (ya iya laaaah) and even disassemble and reassemble the 7685-CTO, I came to two conclusions on the cause of the death of my Thinkpad X61. Well, of course it died after being slammed to a wall by my toddler, twice. But that the ultimate cause? There are two […]

There’s a saying that Belgium can give you surprises. You can have misty light rain in the morning, blinding and excruciatingly hot sun in the noon, trembling whirlwind in the afternoon, and a hefty telephone bill by the end of he month and a hefty utility bill by the end of a particular annual year. […]