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Well, having experienced Windows7 for almost a year, from the Beta Version and Release Candidate (Build 7100), I daresay that Windows7 is the way to go (for PC user that is). It’s good in Beta, it’s even better in RC, and I am pretty sure that it should be even better in retail version (onto […]

Configuration scheme of the Thinkcentre. Configuration scheme of the HP DC7800. As I have written in several previous posts, I installed Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate in three computers that I use most. The Thinkcentre A57 at the office, the HP Business Desktop DC7800 at my house and the late Thinkpad X61, which I (ab)used […]

I have a confidence that Windows7 will fare better than its predecessor, the Windows Vista. I am no geek or techie or something like that. I just use my PC for everyday computing tasks such as typing, youtubing, facebooking, and a little bit of gaming. I can’t prescribe techie’s writing about Windows7. All that I […]

As I have stated previously, I took the plunge by switching my business desktop to Windows7 Release Candidate. (Oh, it’s a brand new Thinkcentre A57 with Core2Quad 2.4 gigz, and 4GB or RAM, by the way). I mean, if I want to seriously beta-testing (or should it be release-candidating?), I should take it to another […]

I kinda got a sense that Windows7 is a kinda gas guzzler for the IT world.  It eats up a lot of energy from your computer, be it a portable, or a desktop. It feels quite faster, actually, which is a good thing in my opinion. But it comes with a price. The energy. It […]

Hingga saat ini, kurang lebih dua bulan sudah saya melakukan percobaan kandidat sistem operasi keluaran Microsoft terbaru, yakni Windows7.  Saya turut serta melakukan beta-testing ini tentu saja dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui apakah benar ada perbaikan signifikan yang dilakukan oleh Microsoft setelah sistem operasi terbarunya, Windows Vista, mendapat kritikan pedas di sana sini. Windows7 Ultimate (Build […]