I Love Surprises



There’s a saying that Belgium can give you surprises. You can have misty light rain in the morning, blinding and excruciatingly hot sun in the noon, trembling whirlwind in the afternoon, and a hefty telephone bill by the end of he month and a hefty utility bill by the end of a particular annual year.

That’s what I got. Just today.

Here in Belgium (or in Brussels, particularly) utilities, such as electricity and gas are billed monthly using an estimated average. Then, they will bill us every year based on our actual utilization. One can have a surplus, or one should pay the deficit. It depends on how often you flick that on off switch on your gas-powered heater during the winter.

On my case, my annual average totaling in an amount of 920 euros (there were months with 80 euros average, some of them with 60 euros, and one month with 30 euros). It turned out that my actual gas and electricity consumption for a year, for the period of June 2008 – July 2009 totaling 1.426 euros. So I have a deficit of approximately 500 euros.


Well, I’d be lying if I say that I’m not a bit shocked. But hey, life’s full of lots of surprises, ain’t it? And hey, don’t forget… T.I.B… This Is Belgium.

So, there goes my iPhone 3Gs 16GB. Sigh.



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