Still on Windows7


Dual Monitor

I have a confidence that Windows7 will fare better than its predecessor, the Windows Vista. I am no geek or techie or something like that. I just use my PC for everyday computing tasks such as typing, youtubing, facebooking, and a little bit of gaming. I can’t prescribe techie’s writing about Windows7. All that I know is that I am running it now, and so far, I am happy.

I am even happier to the fact that two of my additional peripherals that I added to my setup (the ThinkCentre A57 with Core2Quad Q6660) are already backed up with their respective Windows7 compliant drivers.

The first gadget that I add is the Logitech S-510 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse. I just downloaded the driver from the website. There was only the driver for Windows Vista. But I still downloaded it, installed it and WHAM! The SetPoint software (which is needed to tweak keyboard performance such as multimedia control, browser control and the most important thing: encrypting the RF connection between the keyboard and the receiver) was installed successfully, but couldn’t provide any of the enhancement it can provide in other version of Windows.

But a moment later, the SetPoint software reported that it found a kind of “updated” software from the Logitech website, and “download now” was selected. And voila, it turned out that the update provide all enhancement and gobbledygook for the keyboard and mouse.

BTW, I used to praise the quality any of Lenovo/IBM’s keyboard. But this time, the one that came with the ThinkCentre is an French/Belgium AZERTY one, which is a pain to type with. And it is a pain as well to find its US ENGLISH cousin. So I just ordered the Logitech S-510. It’s cheaper than the similar type that of Lenovo’s. I simply couldn’t afford it.

The second gadget I added was a 256MB  nVidia Quadro 290. The Windows7 didn’t recognize the Quadro at first (soon after it was installed in the system). I just simply navigate to the nVidia’s website, and there already is a WHQL certified driver for the Quadro for Windows7. Amazing! So I downloaded the driver, installed it, and the Quadro is now working as it is supposed to be. The driver was released on 8 May 2009.

So, from such an experience, I am confident that Windows7 will fare better that Windows Vista, and will be on par (or even better) than Windows XP. But hey, it’s still a long way to go, I know. We’ll see.



3 Responses to “Still on Windows7”

  1. here’s my take on windows 7.. it’s DEFINITELY better than windows vista, but it’s still a windows. that is all.


  2. Hey, at least it’s working.. :p

  3. 3 tigerbimmer

    I agree with peanutbutertterjellywhy.

    It’s better, but still windows.

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