Simple Networking with Windows7 RC


As I have stated previously, I took the plunge by switching my business desktop to Windows7 Release Candidate. (Oh, it’s a brand new Thinkcentre A57 with Core2Quad 2.4 gigz, and 4GB or RAM, by the way). I mean, if I want to seriously beta-testing (or should it be release-candidating?), I should take it to another level, by implementing it for daily business activities, yes?

Thence, the Thinkcentre at my desk is now humming with Windows7 Ultimate RC.

Apart from the much improved appearance (it’s important aspect, in my opinion), Windows7 also offers simpler networking gizmos. For example, after finishing installation, I have to reconnect all my network drives and printers.

My Windows7-ly Thinkcentre found the server instantly after connected to the office’s network, and I just typed my login credentials and ticking an option (I can hardly remember the exact term) to store login credentials, and it reconnects automatically and seamlessly to the server each time it boots-up. Cool.

And for each drive and folder, there now this option called “Include in Library”, a kind of tool that adds all contents in a particular network drive without actually adding any files to local harddrives, and for faster operation, there is also this tool called “Always available offline.” Of course, for the ‘old-timer’ in us, there is still that option of mapping network drive. One can pick which one to use. No sweat.



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