List Of Questions That I Would Ask Aliens If They Did Actually Exist



Here is a list of questions that I would ask to aliens if they existed. (Feel free to add with your questions, if you have any).

  1. What do you call planet Earth?
  2. Do you speak English? Parlez vous Francaise? Kowe iso ngomong jowo po ora?
  3. Do you communicate verbally, or do you holographic-ly project what you want to say in 3D that would send people in Pixar to the valley of shamefulness?
  4. Do you know who Steven Spielberg is?
  5. If you said you came from another galaxy 1.000.000 light-years away from our planet, does it mean that you are actually 1.000.000 year old now?
  6. The U.S. government has been persistently denying your existence. Do you have anything to say to them now?
  7. How did you feel when one of your fellows was shot-down by Will Smith?
  8. Is math being taught in where you came from? No? Can I come with you?
  9. ….

One Response to “List Of Questions That I Would Ask Aliens If They Did Actually Exist”

  1. 1 mita

    Do you need a license to fly an err.. whatchamacallit, UFO?

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