Windows7: “Gas Guzzler” for the IT world


I kinda got a sense that Windows7 is a kinda gas guzzler for the IT world.  It eats up a lot of energy from your computer, be it a portable, or a desktop.

It feels quite faster, actually, which is a good thing in my opinion. But it comes with a price. The energy. It eats up energy twice the rate of Windows XP and approximately 150 percents more than Windows Vista does.

How did I measure this?

Well, my Thinkpad X61 lasts for six hours in Windows XP, or four and a half hours in Windows Vista, and it just lasts for only three or so hours in Windows7 RC. Those are for standard everyday computing, which mainly consists of browsing through a Draft N WiFi connection.



2 Responses to “Windows7: “Gas Guzzler” for the IT world”

  1. out of topic, but i think vista SP2 is nice. i installed it a couple days ago. have you tried?

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