I Don’t Care


I don’t care about valentine’s day; I am not going to wait until the 14th of February each year to tell you how much I love you.

I don’t care about new years’ days. They are just overrated.

I don’t even care about birthdays; be it mine, be it yours. We’re aging by the day, hour, and even minute. We should not dwell on how long we have been living. We should greet the future that’s rolling upon us no matter what. And we should be happy and having fun each and every day, also no matter what, birthday or not birthday.

I don’t care about the fourth of July. Heck, it’s not even our independence day.

I don’t care about weekdays; they’re just routine for me.

Neither do care I about weekends; where my utmost laziness reigns.

I do care about those days when you said, “I love you too,” even when I have trouble resounding the words, “I love you.”
And if you should know the day I do care the most; it is the day when you said, “I do,” without a moment of hesitation.


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